Dura Cycle Doors

Dura Cycle Doors

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Commercial doors serve an essential function in a business application. These types of doors are designed with high-quality and durability to promote safety and security. Also, commercial doors provide an elegant aesthetic value to your business or property.

The production of Dura Cycle Door is a first-of-its-kind that may transform the discarded plastic into functional doors installed in any facility from grocery stores to office buildings. Dura Cycle, a division of DuraServ Corp, brings this vision to reality with a state-of-the-art engineered manufacturing process.

Processed recycled doors remove 200 pounds of plastic from the supply chain for costs comparable to a standard metal door with a sleek design and custom color options. These doors are retrofit in an existing facility that makes it a great fit in any business.

Other than recycling, Dura Cycle manages to upcycle and perform an initiative to provide an opportunity that sees the results of those green investments. It opens the door to new and innovative ways to look at trash.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Commercial Doors

The production of the recycled and upcycled commercial door protects the environment where the garbage is collected, segregated, and managed efficiently to produce high-quality doors, which are affordable and eco-friendly.

The invention of the recycled plastic materials provides high-quality, durable, and maintenance-free commercial doors which are considered innovation to the standard and low-cost commercial doors.

The application of eco-friendly commercial doors is starting to get recognized because of its remarkable features that require less maintenance, repair, and replacement.

Advantages of Dura Cycle Doors

For your eco-friendly commercial door needs in the United States, contact Dura Cycle, a division of DuraServ Corp at 8009942361, or email at info@duraflexdoors.com.

Visit our official website to learn more at https://www.duraflexdoors.com/dura-cycle/.