Improve Sustainability Using Recycled Doors for Business Facilities in the United States

Improve Sustainability Using Recycled Doors for Business Facilities in the United States

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Globally, sustainability is one of the most challenging key topics of our modern times and has made a significant impact on how we look at our present world and the future generation.

As commercial businesses and companies embark on this challenge, its importance to improving sustainability in the construction and manufacturing industry is just at the beginning.

What is Sustainability?

Merriam-Webster dictionary, America’s most-trusted dictionary defines sustainability as able to be used without being used up or destroyed; methods that do not completely use up or destroy natural resources.

In short, sustainability focuses to protect our natural environment, human existence, and ecology, by meeting our present needs without compromising future generations.

Sustainable Commercial Doors

Presently, the construction and manufacturing industries use eco-friendly materials. As based on data by U.S Green Building Council estimates 40 to 48 percent of all non-residential construction in the U.S. are going green with a remarkable increase from just 1.4 percent in 2005.

Sustainable commercial doors are one of the eco-friendly fixtures used in commercial utilities and establishments that contribute to the environment. These eco-friendly commercial doors are durably designed to provide protection, security, easy accessibility, and aesthetic to business facilities.

DuraCycle’s eco-friendly commercial doors are one-of-a-kind innovations by DuraServ, designed and built from plastics recycled materials and provides minimal impact to the environment. 

Process of Recycling Plastic Waste

Recycled Trash

DuraCycle, a division of DuraServ, has been advocating and developing innovative ways and means to help conserve nature.

Some recycling facilities use simple processes in recycling plastics which involve collecting, organizing, shredding, cleaning, melting, and pelletizing.

However, there are other facilities making use of 2-step recycling plastic processes:

  • Manually organizing or automatically sorting out plastics for cleaning, removing them from the plastic waste stream.
  • Shredding them into flakes and melting into its desired shape before processing them into granulates.

Qualities of DuraCycle Doors Ideal for Commercial Buildings

DuraCyle Doors are eco-friendly designed commercial doors that provide protection, security, and safety to its occupants, beneficial to different areas of business applications. DuraCycle Doors can be custom-colored to your desired options and easily retrofit to any existing facility or establishment.

DuraCycle Doors: Eco-friendly Commercial Door

DuraCycle, a division of DuraServ, the leading manufacturer, a service provider of sustainable commercial doors and delivering on a national scale to customers across the United States, andin Canada.

Our satisfied customers experienced the first-of-its-kind sustainable commercial door innovation, DuraCycle’s Recycled Door model product. Eco-friendly commercial door installation is our way of protecting the environment and preserving the present and future generation.

Call us at (800) 994-2361 or connect with us online at to discover sustainable commercial doors for commercial buildings and businesses in the United States and Canada.